Association of Serbian Journalists only reacts in defence of govt interests, NGO


The “Novi 6. Oktobar” Association strongly condemned the recent announcement of the Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) and the attack on journalists and editors of N1 and Nova televisions, as well as the internet portal

„We thought that the time of political commissars in journalism was over, but the UNS’ attack on their colleagues only because they think and report differently and are not of the government’s side warns that we have not come out of that dark period, yet,“ Head of the Association Dr Vojin Rakic said.

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He pointed out in a statement that the reason for the UNS leadership’s attack on colleagues from N1 and Nova TV was „allegedly“ their reporting on the verdict of the Swiss court in the Solak case against the tabloid „Informer,“ adding that „the real reason for the violent attack was the punishment“ of N1 and Nova for „daring and persisting“ to pursue an editorial policy independently, „outside the influence of the information service of the Serbian Progressive Party.“

He added that journalists gathered around the UNS „turned a blind eye when it came to reacting to vulgarity and primitivism“, even when it came to „obvious violations of children’s rights“ but that they „enthusiastically interfered“ in the coverage of the media owned by the United Group in case of a dispute between Solak and tabloids in a Swiss court, „when it comes to protecting the interests of the regime.“