Croatia: Swastika, letter U sprayed on Holocaust memorial in Varazdin

NEWS 22.11.2020 18:31
Source: Tomislav Miletic/PIXSELL

An unidentified perpetrator sprayed a swastika and the letter U on a monument to Holocaust victims in the northern city of Varazdin sometime between Friday and Sunday, local police said on Sunday, adding that they were looking for the perpetrator.

The monument is a sculpture by Zlatko Kopljar called K19 and is built of bricks made by inmates of the World War II Jasenovac concentration camp. The memorial is across from the Varazdin synagogue.

Varazdin Deputy Mayor Sandra Malenica condemned the incident on Facebook saying the city would press charges.

„This act, just like the removal of the plaque from the offices of the Serb Minority Council, is not an act of stupidity. It is either compensation due to lack of self-confidence or pathological hatred. Yes, there was suffering, yes, our past is complicated. Yes, you can think whatever you want but you cannot destroy and belittle,“ said Malenica.