Serbia's Min: Some politicians not aware that journalists must ask questions

Maja Gojković
Tanjug / Jaroslav Pap

Maja Gojkovic, Serbia's Minister of Culture and Information, said on Tuesday journalists' job was to ask questions, but that some politicians were not aware of that and it led to arrogant behaviour towards journalists, creatin insecurity.

„Journalism is an important pillar of democracy in Serbia. A journalist must ask questions freely and receive answers,“ Gojkovic added.

Speaking to the Prva TV, Gojkovic said that journalism bore a great danger of fake news and that the profession had to fight the phenomenon, adding „Cultural Minister must not interfere with an editorial policy.“

She said she respected journalism and that every news had to be „true, unbiased, valid and balanced.“

Asked about the safety of journalists she recalled that the group for their safety had been formed, adding that „every journalist must feel safe.“

She also said she had suggested the state’s anti-epidemic Crisis Team to exempt theatres and cinemas from the preventive measures since they were not the places where the virus spread.