N1's Jelena Zoric wins ‘Aleksandar Tijanic’ award, her 3rd recognition in 2020


N1 TV reporter Jelena Zoric won on Sunday the 'Aleksandar Tijanic' award, given by the Association of Serbia's Journalists (UNS) "for combativeness in journalistic expression and an original journalistic move."

That was the third award Zoric won in 2020.

She received the charter of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum for exceptional professional reporting, as well as the award for courage in reporting and, ‘Busan Bogavac,’ together with the cameraman Aleksandar Cvrkotic, by the Independent Association of Serbia’s Journalists (NUNS), for their professional job regardless of the conditions particularly for their reporting on civic protests last summer marked by brutal violence.

UNS said that by reporting from the protests outside Serbia’s Parliament in July, the „N1 TV reporter made a big step forward in covering turbulent street events, the course of which is impossible to predict in a politically profoundly polarised society.“

The jury recalled late Tijanic’s words: „Without integrity, there is no personality. Without personality, there is no civic courage and responsibility. Without civic courage and responsibility, there is no democracy,“

„Jelena Zorić showed how that is done without prejudice and without favouring the participants, no matter who they were or what political options they belonged to,“ UNS said.