Bosnia's Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik admitted to hospital

NEWS 21.12.2020 10:49

The Chairman of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency and its Bosnian Serb member, Milorad Dodik, was admitted to the hospital, his son, Igor Dodik, confirmed to N1 on Monday.

„He’s doing OK,“ Igor Dodik told N1, but would not further elaborate.

The University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska said that Dodik was admitted on Sunday evening due to nausea and stomach pains.

„The health condition of Mr. Milorad Dodik is stable for now and his life is not in danger. A detailed diagnostic treatment of the patient is underway,“ the UKC RS said.

Dodik’s office said on Saturday that he went into home isolation after he had contact with a person who had tested positive for the virus.

However, it said that Dodik also got tested but the result came back negative that day.

Radovan Kovacevic, the spokesperson of Dodik’s party, the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), told N1 that „there is no need to panic“ and that Dodik has been feeling fatigue since Saturday.