EU: Belgrade&Pristina to go on implementing agreements despite Kosovo early vote


The European Union called on Pristina and Belgrade to continue implementing the agreed contracts despite Kosovo's early vote as ruled by the Constitutional Court.

The Court on Monday ruledthat the election of the current cabinet was not legal, since an MP who gave support to Prime Minister Avdulah Hoti’s team could not be a deputy in line with the law stipulating that a person convicted by a final court verdict in the last three years could not be a candidate for a deputy or hold a valid mandate in Kosovo’s Parliament.

„We expect Kosovo and Serbia to continue the implementation of earlier agreements. We call on both sides to respect the achieved progress during the dialogue on the normalisation of relations,“ the EU media service told KoSSev website.

They recalled that the Court’s ruling said the current Government would function in the technical mandate and that all decisions it had made would remain in force.

They added that the EU would continue to communicate with both sides regarding the dialogue.

„Both for Kosovo and Serbia the road to the EU leads through the dialogue,“ the EU said.