Serbia's opposition leader: By praising Vucic, EU sacrifices Euro-enthusiasm


Serbia must preserve its interest in relations with the US, as well as Russia and China, and build better relations with all major powers, Borko Stefanovic, the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) deputy leader, has said on Thursday.

„But,“ he added „it must clearly show that its orientation and the will of the citizens is membership in the European Union.“

In his recent open letter to Sam Fabrizi, the head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Stefanovic said the ambassador’s public statements were „anointing“ a dictator sacrificing Serbia’s people Euro-enthusiasm.

„When he gives statements, ‘colouring’ the real situation in Serbia and ‘cleaning up’ Vucic’s policy, „Fabrizi seems to be guided by Churchill’s words – what do you care, you will not live there,“ Stefanovic told the ‘Agreman’ conversation series.

He also referred to the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs report on Serbia, from a few days ago, in which terrible pressure on the media, concealment of information about the virus and persecution of opposition on social networks, in tabloids and on television, was stressed.

„This is just one in a series of such reports, and that is why it is insulting when a man who represents the EU sacrifices the Euro-enthusiasm of this people by verbally and in the media’ anointing’ the dictator,“ Stefanovic said.

Asked what he expected from the EU, Stefanovic said: „To stop supporting one of the last European usurpers and autocrats „, adding he was convinced that support had faded recently and that „the ‘honeymoon’ of European institutions and Aleksandar Vucic nears the end.“