Pristina's court sentences Serb for war crime

NEWS 24.12.2020 16:58

A court in Pristina sentenced Nenad Arsic to six years in prison for war crimes against civilians during the 1998-1999 armed conflict in Kosovo, Serbia's state RTS TV reported on Thursday.

The Trial Chamber of the Special Department of the Basic Court in Pristina sentenced him for „inhumanely treated Jakup and Skender Salja in the Pristina settlement of Emshir.

Arsic is said to have tortured the two “ by „beating, harassing, forcing them to drink brandy and sing the song ‘Oh Serbia, dear mother, I will always call you my own.“

The verdict is the first-instance one, and Arsic’s defence will appeal.

„The defence believes that the Special Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t proved the indictment and that Nenad’s responsibility hasn’t been established beyond a reasonable doubt,“ Dejan Vasic, one of Nenad Arsic’s defence attorneys, said.