Last year Serbian police 7.6 tons of narcotics, Police Director says

NEWS 26.12.2020 13:19
TANJUG/Ministarstvo finansija - Uprava Carina (arhiva)

Serbian Police seized 7.6 tons of narcotics in 2020, and only in the past month, they seized 800 kg of narcotic substances, Police Director Vladimir Rebic said Saturday.

Speaking at TV Pink, he said from 2016 Serbian Police took part in international operations during which they seized nearly 6six tons of narcotics.

Ever since they formed a task force to combat the illicit tobacco production, Serbian Police destroyed 250 hectares of illegal tobacco plantations which had the potential to damage the state for some €327 million, Rebic added.

According to him, Serbia now has 87 percent less illegal tobacco plantations as compared to 2016.