Serbian epidemiologist: We will protest if government relaxes measures


Serbian Crisis Staff is ready to 'protest' in case the authorities relax the epidemiological measures, top epidemiologist Predrag Kon told Nova S on Saturday, adding that they will announce the exact restrictions for the holiday season on Monday.

“We’re all ready to say we’re against the relaxation of measures and allowing the celebration of the new year. Our hospitals are still full, many people are in the intensive care and connected to respirators… New year’s celebration with songs and dancing is completely unacceptable and it must not be allowed,” the epidemiologist said noting that doctors can not account for the economic factors when making such decisions.

He added that during the month of January, Serbia will receive regular, weekly shipments of the Pfizer vaccine which would add up to 50,000 doses in January and that they expect the double amount in February.

Kon told Nova S TV that Serbia expected to receive 340,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines, including those from Russia and China but that they will receive only 290,000 doses because Pfizer is unable to ship bigger quantities.