Activist: Collecting signature against lithium excavation in Serbia in March Mujan

Savo Manojlovic from the 'Go-Change' Initiative said that collecting signatures against lithium & boron excavation in Serbia would start March 1.

On Tuesday, he posted on Twitter that the Initiative would also organise protests throughout Serbia.

„From March 1, we will start collecting signatures. We need 30,000 signatures,“ he said.

Earlier, environmentalist activists staged protests across Serbia against the Ango-Australian Rio Tinto company, which planned to mine lithium in western Serbia.

Later, they include other mining companies in their demand for a total ban on lithium and boron mining.

Serbia’s Government said it annulled all deals with Rio Tinto. Still, the potential mining area villagers said that was not the case and that Rio Tinto continued buying properties there.

The company said it complied with the Government’s decision and would maintain its land and property responsibly.

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