Activists: Those trying to restore law obedience are targeted by government

milan i sonja

The law on the prevention of money laundering was misused at expense of the civil society organisations who actually work in the interest of citizens and in accordance with the law, said representatives of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy.

“Serbia is among the countries that are democratic on paper but with less of it in the lives of people,” said Sonja Stojanovic-Gajic, speaking to N1.

Milan Antonijevic noted that those who are trying to restore the law obedience and who are openly speaking about certain issues such as war crimes are targeted by the government.

A little over a year ago, the Finance Ministry’s Office for Combatting the Money Laundering created a list of 57 organisations and individuals, and asked the banks to provide details about their all transactions. The office explained it had the right to ask for this information in accordance with the new law, which was harmonised with the MONEYVAL’s mechanisms.

Antonijevic and Stojanovic-Gajic said this was an indicator that those who are politically targeted are made priorities, instead of those who are likely to be dealing with money laundering or financing of terrorism.