Advisor to Kosovo PM resigns


Advisor to Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Petar Miletic, resigned from his post.

Miletic, who is also a former Kosovo Parliament deputy speaker, sent a letter to Kurti explaining his decision in which he said that he basically had nothing to resign from.

He said he was never asked or consulted prior to any decisions made by the Prime Minister or the Government, and that he realized at the beginning of his term in office that his role “would not be important, or functional in terms of helping the Serbs in Kosovo.”

“The most obvious proof that the Kosovo Government does not want cooperation with the Serbs was the non-appointment of the director of the Office for Communities in the Prime Minister’s cabinet, despite domestic and international actors’ insistence, but also the cutting of that office’s budget from one million three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand euros,” said Miletic.

He explained that once he realized that nothing would come of his role in political issues, such as the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue, the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, the crisis in the north of Kosovo, he, his colleague Elizabeth Gowing and a group of Serbs from the civil society identified some fifteen everyday problems that could easily be solved.

He said about 90 percent of these problems could have been solved had there been political will to do this.

Miletic stressed that the Kosovo Prime Minister crossed the line in 2023 “from where there is no going back in relations with the Serbs community in Kosovo,” said Miletic.