Air Serbia calls on passengers to buy ticket directly from company

NEWS 26.01.2021 12:33
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N1 (arhiva)

Serbia's flag carrier Air Serbia said on Tuesday it would launch a new global commercial strategy as of March 28, enabling more direct contact with its passengers by offering them the best prices at its ticket-selling channels like website, new mobile application, contact centre or company's offices.

„Our passengers will always have access to the best prices if they buy tickets directly from Air Serbia, which is not necessarily the case when shopping through other sales channels where our tickets are available. It is necessary to buy tickets directly from Air Serbia, whether individually or through your travel organiser, to provide a better price and take advantage of this benefit for passengers, “ Jiri Marek, the company’s Commercial and Strategy Director, said in a statement.

It added that from the beginning of the renewal of air traffic in May until the end of December 2020, 47 percent of the total tickets sold were purchased through Air Serbia’s direct sales channels, i.e. via the website, mobile application, contact centre and Air Serbia branches. That was an increase of 52 percent concerning the same period in 2019, the statement said.