Air Serbia-leased aircraft in accident at Belgrade airport

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The Tango Six aviation portal said on Monday that an aircraft leased to Air Serbia had an accident on take-off from Belgrade airport forcing the suspension of all flights for an hour on Sunday night. Pročitaj više

The Belgrade-based portal said that the Embraer 195LR was leased from the Greek Marathon Airlines. It was painted in Air Serbia colors and set to fly to Dusseldorf as flight JU324. The aircraft hit runway lights on takeoff, damaging part of its body and wings. Tango Six said that its take-off was far down the runway, much shorter than usual. Air traffic control was told by the pilot that the aircraft could take off. It was forced to circle the airport for about an hour and landed at a speed 40 knots higher than normal because of damage to its flaps.

The portal said that the aircraft flew to Belgrade from Athens where it spent 10 days being serviced.

Tango Six said that the most probable cause of the accident was pilot error in assessing the plane’s position on the runway before take-off.

It quoted an Air Serbia statement apologizing to passengers and confirming that the aircraft landed safely with no injuries on board.
Air Serbia has contracts with several other airlines to lease their aircraft and crews for its flights.

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