Albanian Minister: Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo important for the Balkans

NEWS 25.11.2022 20:52
Source: N1

Albanian Foreign Minister Olta Xhacka said in Pristina that it would be important for the whole of the Balkans for Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence, and for this to be a result of a binding agreement, reported Beta.

Xhacka told a press conference following her meeting with her Kosovo counterpart Donika Gervalla that Albania will support Kosovo on every step of the dialogue process because she believes that is of national interest.

“We continue to support Kosovo. In that context, support to the dialogue and to the achievement of a binding agreement that envisages Kosovo’s recognition by Serbia and Kosovo’s membership in the UN. This is important for our whole region,” said Xhacka.

The Albanian Minister commended the Kosovo Government for its recent decision that helped calm the situation and launch talks on reaching an agreement on the normalization of relations.

At the same time, Xhacka welcomed Kosovo’s plans to apply for membership in European organizations and underlined the necessity of visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens.

Gervalla said she discussed with her Albanian counterpart the many challenges that both Albania and Kosovo face.