Albanian Post: Kosovo FM Gervalla asks Germany to recall Ambassador Rohde

NEWS 20.02.202411:52
Donika Gervala Švarc

Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Donika Gervalla asked Germany to recall its Ambassador to Kosovo Jorn Rohde, sources told Albanian Post.

Sources at the Kosovo Foreign Ministry and German Embassy to Kosovo informed Albanian Post that Gervalla’s request was made during her last visit to Berlin where, in addition meeting German Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Michael Roth, she also met with the Minister of Defense, Boris Pistorius.

At her January 31 meeting with Pistorius held prior to his visit to Pristina, Gervalla complained about Rohde and his work in Kosovo, KoSSev reported.

The same sources explained that Gervalla complained that the diplomat representing Germany in Kosovo was “interfering too much” and posting too often on the X social media platform.

He is writing about things that he shouldn’t be writing about and should leave Kosovo, the sources quoted Gervalla as saying.

Albanian Post reported that Rohde is not the only German that Gervalla has complained about. This list also includes Germany’s Special Envoy for the Western Balkans Manuel Sarrazin, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s advisor Jens Plotner.

Albanian Post confirmed that German Ambassador Rohde is aware of Gervalla’s request for Germany to recall him.

This is not the first time that Gervalla is criticizing Western diplomats and their approach to Kosovo, while in some cases she publicly expressed her views, it said.