Aleksic: Serbia serves as a supermarket – people take what they need

NEWS 25.05.202415:01 0 komentara
FoNet/Aleksandar Barda

The President of the National Movement of Serbia (NPS), Miroslav Aleksic, said in Cacak that Serbia is in great danger and on the way to becoming a neocolony, and that is why it is time to send the current government to the past once and for all, the NPS announced. Pročitaj više

„The elections that will be held on June 2 are extremely important for all of Serbia. We need small victories that will flow into one big river that should carry into the past those who have been destroying Serbia for the past 12 years“, Aleksic said and pointed out that power is neither in the media nor in the hands of those who threaten and lie, but in the hands of the people.

He pointed out that those running for all cities and municipalities and all positions were selling everything to foreigners and doing everything only to stay in power, thus giving gold and copper to the Chinese, land and arable land to the Arabs, and an airport to the French.

He called on the citizens to vote for whomever they want and not for whomever they are forced to vote for, stating that „Cacak is one of the cities in Serbia that is ripe for change and which needs to voice its discontent on June 2.“

Koje je tvoje mišljenje o ovome?

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