Ambassador Hovenier: I reminded Rakic that Radoicic is under sanctions


US Ambassador to Kosovo Jeffrey Hovenier reminded Serb List leader Goran Rakic that his party’s deputy leader Milan Radoicic is on the US Department of Treasury “black list”.

Hovenier told the media that Radoicic is associated with international criminal groups.

The Ambassador said he reminded Rakic that Radoicic has been placed on the list of sanctions by the US Department of Treasury and that, according to their information, he is associated with international criminal groups and corruption. I informed him about America’s position regarding this person, Hovenier said.

The Belgrade-backed Serb List rejected Ambassador Hovenier’s allegations of its deputy leader’s alleged involvement in illegal activities, adding it expects the Ambassador to provide evidence for his allegations.

At the end of last year the US imposed sanctions SAD against “the organized crime group” operating in Kosovo “led by Zvonko Veselinovic”.

In addition to Veselinovic, the group also includes his brother Zarko Veselinovic, Zeljko Bojic, Milan Mihajlovic, Sinisa Nedeljkovic, Radovan Radic, Milan Radisavlevic, Milojko Radisavlevic, Milan Radoicic, Marko Rosic, Radule Stevic and Milivoje Vulovic.

The US said that this group was engaged in largescale bribery scheme with Kosovo and Serbian security officials who facilitate illicit trafficking of goods, money, narcotics, and weapons between the two countries.

The Serbian List confirmed that its deputy leader Radojcic, wanted by the Kosovo authorities, was at the barricades in northern Kosovo during the recent unrest.