Ambassador says Russia wants Kosovo issue back in UN SC

NEWS 20.02.202421:15 0 komentara
Beta/Miloš Miškov

Russian Ambassador Alexander Bocan Harchenko said on Tuesday that Moscow supports the return of the Kosovo issue to the UN Security Council.

Speaking at a Russian national holiday reception at the embassy, the ambassador said that support for Serbia’s territorial integrity is one of Russia’s most important political stands as a permanent UN Security Council member.

“We respect the fact that Serbia has not agreed to and will not accept sanctions against Russia despite attacks, pressure and threats which allows us to move forward and develop relations without delay in all fields,” the Sputnik portal quoted him as saying.

The reception was attended by Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, Defense Minister Milos Vucevic, Chief of General Staff Milan Mojsilovic, Parliament Speaker Vladimir Orlic and several other cabinet ministers and officials.

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