Ambassador says US pressured Israel to recognize Kosovo

NEWS 12.05.202112:02
Tanjug/Rade Prelić

Israel’s Ambassador to Serbia Yahel Vilan said that his country recognized Kosovo under pressure from the United States.

The ambassador told the pro-government TV Prva that Israel recognized Kosovo as part of the Washington Agreement which included Kosovo opening its embassy in Jerusalem. “Israel’s decision to recognize Kosovo was taken under American pressure and don’t forget that it was done as part of the agreements between Serbia and Kosovo and America, not with us, with Israel,” he said.

The ambassador said that the decision came after years during which his country did not recognize Kosovo. “That is definitely against our interests in Serbia, that is against my interests,” Vilan said, adding that he does not see any reason for Israel to revoke the decision as long as both sides stick to their obligations.

“I don’t want to leave reason for optimism to the Serbian public without good reason. I do not see that at this time. The agreement was reached, Israel recognized Kosovo and Kosovo will move its embassy to Jerusalem,” he said.