Another Belgrade hospital returns to COVID system

NEWS 16.09.2021 14:32
Koronavirus, kovid, Beograd, medicinski radnici

N1 has learned that another Belgrade hospital is preparing to return to the COVID system.

Sources at the Zvezdara Clinical Center told N1 that the hospital has started emptying its wards in preparation for COVID patients as soon as possible. The hospital expects to return to the COVID system by the start of next week. Patients are being transferred to the Serbian Clinical Center and the Military Medical Academy (VMA).

This is the 4th time that the Zvezdara hospital has been put into the COVID system which it left in mid-May. Several other hospitals have also reverted to the COVID system in the past few weeks.

The epidemiological situation has deteriorated consistently over the past few weeks with the number of new cases, hospitalized patients and deaths rising daily.