Another REM Council member thinking of resigning

Ivan Dinić/ Nova

Of course I’m thinking of resigning, that is all I have been thinking about lately, Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) Council member Visnja Arandjelovic said following REM Council member Judita Popovic’s resignation.

Asked by the Cenzolovka website if she is thinking of resigning now, a month after the beginning of mass Serbia Against Violence protests, one of whose demands is the disbanding of REM and following a call by 12 citizens’ associations for REM Council members’ resignations, Arandjelovic said:

“Of course I’m thinking of resigning, that is all I have been thinking about lately. But I always arrive at the same conclusion: these are not things that are solved out in the streets. I say this with all due respect for the enormous number of people protesting in Belgrade against the government. As for non-governmental organizations – I am completely indifferent to their appeal. In REM I fought to limit the broadcasts of reality shows. And, unfortunately, I failed. But I will not allow anyone to hold me responsible for the mass murders in Serbia because of this.”

Arandjelovic became a REM Council member in February 2020 and was appointed from the ranks of candidates jointly nominated by associations of electronic media publishers and associations of Serbia’s journalists.

Judita Popovic is the first and for now the only REM Council member who has resigned.

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