Anti-violence protest rescheduled for Saturday

miroslav aleksić

Opposition officials said on Wednesday that the next Serbia Against Violence protest has been moved from Friday to Saturday.

The protest will be on June 3, exactly a month after the mass shooting at a Belgrade elementary school which claimed the lives of a security guard and 8 children.

People’s Party (NS) official Miroslav Aleksic told reporters in the lobby of parliament that the protest would start as usual at 6 pm with the crowd marching past and then forming a ring around the Serbian Presidency building. The protest is scheduled to end at 9 pm.

Aleksic said that everyone will have a chance to leave a message for the president and called the public to bring flowers as they did last week when a ring was formed around the Serbian state TV (RTS) building. He said notebooks would be placed at several places around the presidency building for people to write messages in.

Saturday’s protest will include speeches in front of parliament by public figures.

Earlier on Wednesday, opposition MPs met with Belgrade police chief Veselin Milic and the commanders of six police departments to try to set up better communication and coordination to prevent incidents and stop provocations like the ones at last week’s protest intended to turn the protests violent.