Appeal overturns police officer’s acquittal; officer calls decision a technicality

NEWS 17.06.202418:33 0 komentara

Police officer Katarina Petrović, whose acquittal was overturned today, told N1 that she expected this outcome but believes it to be a technical issue.

„I expected this to happen, but I think it is a technical issue due to the wording in the existing verdict,“ Katarina Petrovic told N1.

To recap, the Appellate Court in Belgrade overturned the verdict of the Higher Court in Valjevo, which had acquitted Petrovic of leaking confidential information related to an investigation against Nikola Petrovic, a close associate of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

The Valjevo police officer was arrested exactly one year ago for making public an expert report confirming that Nikola Petrovic, driving a luxury McLaren car (worth about half a million euros), caused a traffic accident under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, injuring two women, according to

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