Australian journalist: If Govt. didn’t want Novak to come, he shouldn’t get visa


Australian journalist Sophie Elsworth tells N1 that the way her country treated Novak Djokovic was horrible, commenting on the tennis star's visa annulment and deportation.

Ellsworth is currently a writer with News Corp.

She said that if Australia didn’t want Djokovic to come to Australia, they shouldn’t have given him a visa at all.

Novak didn’t even have to travel all that way to be detained. The whole case is ridiculous; it became a circus. He was kept in custody, then he complained, and then they came up with an argument that he could encourage anti-vaxers, Ellsworth added.

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She said she was worried that Novak’s position was taken into account when deciding whether or not to be let in Australia. Novak has the right to his positions, Ellsworth added.


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