Authorities, opposition differ in reactions to UN vote

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The Serbian authorities and opposition made hugely different assessments of the outcome of the vote on a Srebrenica resolution and the behavior of President Aleksandar Vucic at the UN General Assembly. Pročitaj više

Ruling coalition officials have been echoing Vucic’s claim of a victory at the meeting in New York because of the large number of national delegations that voted against the resolution or abstained. The vote in the 193 member General Assembly was 84 in favor, 19 against and 68 abstentions.

Serbian cabinet ministers, headed by Prime Minister Milos Vucevic, watched the live coverage of the meeting in New York draped in Serbian flags, mimicking Vucic as he sat in the UN GA after the vote.

Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic said she would have a hard time cooperating with the countries that voted to adopt the resolution which the Serbian authorities have been claiming would label the Serb nation as genocidal.

Trade Minister Tomislav Momirovic said in an Instagram post that Vucic scored a huge victory in New York.

The fiercest reaction came from Dragan Markovic Palma, leader of ruling coalition member United Serbia (JS), who said the worst absurdity was the fact that the resolution was proposed by Germany which, he said, “is genetically genocidal”.

A column of cars drove through central Belgrade with their passengers waving Serbian flags in a what has been a traditional display of support following sports victories for years. Similar columns were staged in Novi Sad and Mitrovica.

Opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) official said the vote for the resolution showed a complete breakdown of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) diplomacy. He said the SNS should have focused on diplomatic efforts instead of the destruction of democracy and corruption.

Opposition leader Zdravko Ponos, a former chief of General Staff who also served in the Foreign Ministry, said that Vucic is “a loser who inflicts damage on national interests”. “What the resolution could not do, Vucic did,” he wrote in an X post.

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