Belgrade Deputy Major to N1: Probe into landfill fire launched

NEWS 11.08.2021 15:11
Source: N1

Goran Vesic, Belgrade Deputy Mayor, told N1 an investigation of why the city's Vinca landfill fire that went on for days was launched.

As of August 2, five days before the fire broke out, the Beocista Energy company, which builds a new landfill, started managing the old one, Vesic said.

He added that until the old landfill was closed down by the end of the year, Belgrade, i.e. the City Sanitation company, was helping the private company manage the landfill.

However, since the new owner receives waste and manages it, its people have been invited to the police regarding the ongoing investigation.

„They gave statements; cameras cover the whole landfill, we have footage of some people appearing (there) just before the fire started. That could be either by chance or deliberate. Someone will determine that… I think it’s normal that when an environmental accident happens, an investigation is conducted to establish what has happened,“ Vesic said.

The fire at Vinca landfill started over the weekend, and the smoke has so far engulfed almost the entire city.

Experts say the particulars, especially those not measured, are highly hazardous to people’s health, some even causing lung cancer.

Environmentalists said they would sue the city’s authorities if they did not provide true information about the fire.

The city authorities claimed that the air quality varied, „but putting the fire under control improves the situation.“

In the meantime, some ruling Serbian Progressive Party MPs suggested the opposition, particularly former Mayor and now an opposition leader Dragan Djilas was behind the arson.