Belgrade: Inter-party dialogue still without agreed format, participants


Ivica Dacic, Serbia's Parliament Speaker, said on Monday the county's authorities favoured the inter-party dialogue under the European Parliament (EP) auspices, but that neither the format nor the participants had yet been decided on.

„We should talk about what to change regarding elections condition – is it something in the law, the campaign financing, voting process control, media, i.e., to have more political talks shows..?“ Dacic told the pro-government Happy TV.

Commenting on the opposition request to separate the presidential from general elections, Dacic said that when former President Boris Tadic, current opposition leader, did the same, „it was all right, but now it’s wrong.“

„However, those are marginal issues,“ he added.

Dacic said the opposition demands for election conditions’ changes had not arrived in the Parliament. „Maybe they (the opposition) sent them to the European institutions,“ Dacic said.

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said an early general election would be held along with the presidential race, in 2022, when his first five-year term expired.

The previous round of the dialogue also mediated by the EP, ahead of the last April vote, was fruitless, and the main opposition parties and movements boycotted the vote.