Belgrade Mayor: We follow situation with Mladic mural; EU: Overcome past legacy

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The Mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Radojicic, told the head of the European Union Delegation to Serbia Emanuele Giaufret the City and with the republic authorities "would closely monitor the development regarding war criminal Ratko Mladic's mural, while the ambassador suggested the restraint in glorifying war criminals and denying war crimes.

Radojicic said he talked with Giaufret „about IPA projects that are of great importance for our city. Within the realisation of the IPA 2018 project, thermal cushioning, financed by the European Commission (EC) with 11 million euros in non-refundable funds of four public buildings, is being done.

„One of the meeting topics was a mural with the image of Ratko Mladic,“ Radojicic added.

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Giaufret thanked Radojicic for the „successful cooperation that the EU delegation has with Belgrade.“

Regarding the mural, Giaufret reiterated the EU’s position about the necessity to „effectively overcome the legacy of the past, refrain from any glorification of war criminals and denial of war crimes, and that it is necessary to encourage reconciliation.“

„Our goal is Serbia’s membership in the EU, and I hope that Serbia will soon open new clusters for negotiations.“ The current event around the mural also shows it is in Serbia’s interest to turn towards the future, not the past, „the ambassador said.