Belgrade Mufti says Serbians not genocidal

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Mufti of Belgrade Mustafa Jusufspahic said on Friday that the people of his Serbia are not genocidal. Pročitaj više

“This nation is not genocidal and my Serbia does not deserve this,” he wrote in an X post after the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution introducing a day of remembrance for the victims of the Srebrenica genocide.

The Serbian authorities have been claiming that the resolution would label the entire Serbian nation as genocidal.

The mufti added that “there have been INDIVIDUALS through history who had crazy ideas but they did not infect the people who are fighting those ideas today”.

“Serbia is my country and we live in it, praying to God in mosques, churches and synagogues,” he wrote, recalling that there are 600,000 Muslims in Serbia. “Muslims in Serbia which is ruled by the majority Orthodox Christian population live and work in harmony and share a COMMON fate for centuries which I as a Muslim of my Serbia can testify to,” he added.

Let us be smart and not repeat the mistakes of the past, the mufti wrote.

Koje je tvoje mišljenje o ovome?

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