Belgrade Pride Info Center vandalized

NEWS 24.12.2021 13:58
FoNet/Belgrade pride

The Belgrade Pride Info Center offices were vandalized overnight, the LGBTI+ rights organization said on Friday.

It said that unidentified vandals drew an image of convicted Bosnian Serb war criminal General Ratko Mladic over the window of the Info Center with the words Serb Hero over it. The vandals also crossed out the words Belgrade Pride – EuroPride 2022.

The Pride Infor Center is around the corner from the Serbian Presidency building and lies between the national parliament and government headquarters. It has been vandalized 11 times to date and none of the vandals have been brought to justice. “It’s demeaning that violations of the law like this happen in front of some of the most important Serbian institutions in a central Belgrade street,” a press release said.

It recalled that Belgrade Pride will host EuroPride 2022 on September 12-18 and said that it expects state institutions to provide security and support the event and raise public awareness about LGBTI+ people who suffer multiple discrimination and are subject to hate speech and hate crimes.