Bellingcat: Racist Robert Rundo in Serbia, though being expelled

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Bellingcat, a Netherlands-based investigative journalism website, reported on Friday that Robert Rundo, a known racist, still lived in Serbia, although he was expelled in February 2021.

Rundo co-founded the Rise Above Movement (RAM), an American gang of white supremacists.

Bellingcat website, a part of the Investigative Journalists Global Network, said Rundo was thrown out from Serbia after the media reports he lived in the country.

A website reporter discovered Rundo was still in Belgrade’s Zvezdara municipality, thanks to a photo he published on his Telegram channel on November 8.

He advertised T-shirts with hoodies as his “fashion brand.”

The reporter came to Belgrade following the photo and found identical graffiti in the Zvezdara municipality.

He added that on November 21, he saw a man very much looking like Rundo exercising on a balcony and speaking English with an American accent.

On November 28, Rundo published a short video of his training with the graffiti from Zvezdara in the background.

According to the ProPublica website report from 2017, Rundo had served a 20-month jail sentence for the 2019 assault, during which he five times stubbed a member of a rival gang.

Rundo was arrested in the US in 2018 for participating in racial attacks in California.

The charges were dismissed in 2019, but in March this year, the US Appellate Court annulled that ruling.

Since June 2019, Rundo had spent most of his time outside the US, took part in neo-nazi rallies in Hungary and Bulgaria in early 2020, and then tried to create his base in Serbia.

In March 2020, Rundo appeared in Serbia to share his beliefs “over a cup of tea” in a café in Belgrade central Knez Mihailova street.

In July, he was seen in a video made by Serbian nationalist ‘Junak’ (Hero) organisation in honour of Kosovo’s veterans.

Rundo established his Serbia’s ‘Will2Rise’ company, the name shared by his extreme rightist fashion brand, seeking residence in the country.

Serbia’s Interior Ministry did not answer Bellingcat’s question of whether Rundo could legally enter the country if he was banned.

Rundo also refused the website request for comment.

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