Beta: 2 men with gunshot wounds in Novi Pazar hospital


Belgrade-based Beta news agency said on Monday that two men were treated for gunshot wounds at the hospital in the city of Novi Pazar following the armed incident at the Banjska monastery in eastern Kosovo.

The village of Banjska is connected to Novi Pazar via a road across the administrative boundary which has no border crossing on it.

An unnamed agency source said that at least two wounded men were in intensive care but in stable condition after being brought to the hospital around 3:00 PM on Sunday. “They speak Serbia but did not reveal their identities or where they were wounded,” the source said. Official hospital sources refused comment.

The portal said that police officers were standing at the entrance to the surgical ward on Sunday evening but were gone in the morning.

Kosovo Serb opposition figure Rada Trajkovic told Nova S TV that Albanian sources said the police could have dealt with the men in the monastery with many more casualties but that international community officials prevented that. “The international community came up with a way to pull those men out towards central Serbia because what would have happened if 30 men were killed? I have information that there is talk of someone having to accept those men and responsibility for them,” Trajkovic said. She said that one of the men was identified as 23 year old Spalevic. “Who’s to blame for a child growing up to be someone who takes part in armed operations,” she said.

According to the Kosovo police, 3 of the men in Banjska were killed and two were arrested along with four others found in possession of communication equipment.