BiH official about Merkel’s visit: Serbia cannot be made boss in Balkans


Zeljko Komsic, the Croat member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, said on Tuesday the outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic’s policy by paying a visit to Belgrade and added that “Serbia cannot be made the boss in the Balkans.”

He echoed the words of Serbia’s opposition, which accused Merkel of supporting dictatorship in the country for the last nine years.

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Komsic insisted that all the countries should be treated equally.

“I don’t know why the German Chancellor chose such a format of the meeting. She went to Vucic to support him again. We see it as a bad move sending bad signals, but that is what it is,” Komsic told reporters after talks with the BiH High Representative Christian Schmidt in Sarajevo.

Komsic added he could not see other reason why Merkel did it and said that tuesday’s talks with Western Balkans countries’ prime ministers were only “a compensation for the meeting with Vucic.”

Komsic said, “one expects that such a serious country like Germany and such a serious person like Merkel are well informed and so difficult to be presented with a wrong picture.”

He then questioned Berlin’s policy aim.

“If the aim is to make Serbia a regional boos, that won’t work. I told that to Schmidt. We can be equal and talk on that basis only. No more bosses in the Balkans,” Komsic said.