Bilcik: EU often not treated fairly in Serbia – reason for decline of support

NEWS 30.01.2023 22:12

European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Serbia Vladimir Bilcik said on Monday that the European Union (EU) was often not treated fairly in Serbia’s public life, and that this is one of the reasons why there has been a decline of support for EU membership.

It would be of great help if the EU were treated fairly by politicians from various parties in Serbia’s public life, said Bilcik.

When the times comes for difficult decisions, EU and politicians from the EU are always blamed, it is always said that the EU is exerting pressure. We are not pressuring anyone, we are just working on the obligation that Serbia signed (that it wants to join the EU), the EP Rapporteur told Radio-Television Vojvodina.

Bilcik said there are “many myths and disinformation” regarding the EU in Serbia’s public life, and that changing this narrative could contribute to the growth of the citizens’ support for EU membership.

Commenting on Belgrade’s refusal to join sanctions against Moscow, Bilcik said Serbia has to consider some serious things and stressed that, without taking certain steps, its progress toward the EU will be slow or there won’t be any.

The question whether or not Serbia wants to join the EU, whether or not it is with the EU, is all the more frequently heard in the European Parliament, said Bilcik.