Bilcik: Europe noted Vulin’s anti-EU remarks in Moscow


European Parliament rapporteur Vladimir Bilcik MEP said on Tuesday everyone in Europe took note of Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin’s anti-European Union remarks in Moscow.

“When a member of the Serbian government sends anti-EU messages during an official visit to Moscow, everyone in Europe takes note,” Bilcik said in a Twitter post.

He added that progress on Serbia’s European path “can only be based on genuine and consistent commitment to European principles, values and policies”. “This includes aligning its foreign and security policy to that of the European Union – in a progressive manner and with genuine interest in making political decisions reflecting future alignment. Serbia’s CFSP alignment has been and continues to be the lowest in the region,” he tweeted.

According to Bilcik “full alignment with EU’s foreign, security and defence policy, including sanctions against Russia, as well as on the normalisation of Serbia’s relations with Kosovo, will determine the pace of EU accession”. “This has been a consistent message from the European Parliament and is included in my 2021 Report on Serbia,” Bilcik wrote.