Bilcik MEP tells N1 document was not drawn up with Serbian authorities


European Parliament rapporteur Vlado Bilcik MEP told N1 that the working document on election conditions was not drafted with the Serbian authorities, adding that he refuses to be drawn into internal political arguments.

The working document was put forward by European Parliament officials as a starting point for discussions between the authorities and opposition on election conditions. Some opposition officials claimed that it was drawn up in cooperation with the Serian authorities.

Bilcik said that the facilitators engaged on the inter-party dialogue represent the European Parliament, adding that they listened carefully to everyone and worked hard to produce the working document. He added that the MEPs said right from the start they want ot get the best possible agreement prior to next year’s elections.

He believes that the opposition has an opportunity to be part of the Central Election Commission and join in the drafting of new rules for the public broadcasters.

The entire interview is in the embedded video.