Bilcik: There is time and space to improve the electoral conditions in Serbia

NEWS 23.09.202311:55 0 komentara

The rapporteur of the European Parliament for Serbia, Vladimir Bilcik, said that there is always time and space for improving election conditions and that it is important that "all relevant actors in the country work to ensure that the campaign, when the elections are announced, is free and fair".

In an interview for Demostat, he said about the opposition’s request that the elections be held in December, that the decision to call early elections is in the hands of the „relevant authorities“, that it is politically important that any decisions related to representative democracy in Serbia be made in a situation that enables a public atmosphere with fewer divisions and polarizations and in an atmosphere that favors reforms, „which is of key importance for progress on Serbia’s path towards the European Union“.

Commenting on the decision of the opposition to block the National Assembly, he said that any decisions that undermine the work of the parliament are not good news for parliamentary democracy, and that he hopes that the elected political parties and their representatives will be able to work in a functioning parliament.

When asked by Demostat how he assesses the media situation in Serbia, Bilcik stated that the best answer to that is given in his latest Report on Serbia, which mentions pressure on independent media, Russian interference in media companies, as well as disinformation spread by the relevant media, which , as he stated, contributes to the anti-EU mood in the public.

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