Bisevac: The opposition will help Vucic rule until his son takes over

NEWS 12.08.202211:10 0 komentara

The opposition seems childish and immature because of their bickering and if it continues to behave this way in the Parliament it will send a message to the people that they really have no one to vote for, journalist Safeta Bisevac told the N1 TV show New Day.

With an opposition like this Aleksandar Vucic will rule until his younger son is old enough to come to power, Bisevac said.

“I fear the opposition is still unaware of the problems Serbia is faced with. It does not realize that, by getting into the Parliament, it has been given an opportunity to be more visible and to present itself to the public better,” Bisevac said.

Commenting MP Vladeta Jankovic’s offer to mediate between opposition groups in order for some kind of unity to be established within the opposition, Bisevac said she sees no need to reconcile “the somewhat quarrelsome opposition”.

“The bickering in the Parliament seems childish and immature, I wonder why they ran for parliament if they are going to fight over who is going to sit where,“ Bisevac said.

Explaining that the opposition is expected to voice its opinion on the most important issues on a daily basis, not just by criticizing Vucic but also by offering solutions, Bisevac said “I’m not really sure they offer solutions.”

When it comes to interethnic incidents, the opposition always disappoints and tries to be invisible, said Bisevac, adding that opposition members probably weight what they will get against the voters they could lose if they say something out loud, regardless of whether they support or criticize the governing structures’ positions. “These are the situations when they should take a clear stance,” Bisevac said.

It is up to the opposition to work out how it will present itself in the Parliament, but this also depends on Parliament speaker (member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party) Vladimir Orlic who will probably be tasked with “undermining the opposition at every step,” Bisevac said.

By being in the Parliament the opposition will also have the opportunity to appear on television stations with national coverage, however, I do not expect it to get much space on TV, Bisevac said.

I think this government will try to keep all television stations under control, that it will not allow them to become more democratic or to open up to other opinions,” Bisevac said.

The problem is that, for now, the opposition “seems happy to have made it into the Parliament, they will have the state’s financial support, and it is as if this satisfies their current political ambitions,” Bisevac said.