Black paint covers war criminal mural in central Belgrade; Another one sprayed

NEWS 15.11.202109:42 0 komentara

An unknown individual threw black paint at the mural dedicated to convicted war criminal Ratko Mladic in central Belgrade's street, but hours later, rightists were washing the paint.

That was the second time the anti-fascists in Serbia’s capital tried to destroy the mural. A man covered it with white paint, but the defenders of the war criminal cleaned it and guarded the washed mural.

It was on a building façade for months before the Youth Initiative for Human Rights announced it would remove it.

The police banned their rally and arrested two activists who threw eggs at the mural.

Last night,  the activists of the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) in the northern place of Kac, destroyed Mladic’s mural immediately after it was drawn. They spray-painted Mladic’s face and wrote ‘LSV’ across it.

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The new attempt to get rid of the mural in Belgrade happened after NGOs’ protest in the area on Sunday. The rightists confronted them, but the police stood between them and prevented any contact.

However, a small group of Mladic’s supporters returned to the mural and were cleaning it.