Borrell: Latest proposal text sent to Belgrade, Pristina

NEWS 06.12.2022 13:51
Žozep Borel
Source: REUTERS/Yves Herman

The European Union’s top diplomat said in Tirana on Tuesday that Belgrade and Pristina have to engage in their dialogue, adding that his latest proposal has been sent to both sides.

EU High Representative Josep Borrell told reporters that this is an important moment in terms of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue following the resolving of the license plates dispute.

“Now, they have to engage. They have to really engage in the Dialogue with the proposal that I put on the table as Facilitator, with the strong support of Germany and France. The last version of the text was sent yesterday to Belgrade and today to Kosovo. And now, they have to embark on discussions – on serious discussions – because this is a moment in which there is a big opportunity,” he said.

Borrell said that the Union is strongly committed to supporting the Western Balkans. “Look, this is an important day for the Western Balkans. It is the first summit with the European Union that takes place in the Western Balkans. From our side, we are strongly committed to the region to support it to face the consequences of the war,” he said.