Bosnia-Herzegoina Banovici coal mine CEO denies Serbia’s purchase

NEWS 21.07.2022 16:59

The information that the Banovici coal mine in Bosnia-Herzegovina can't domestic demand because of exports to Serbia is incorrect, mine CEO Elvir Salihovic, told N1 Thursday adding that they are trying to export as much as possible of the low-calorie coal that they have in depots, which is not for use in households, nor in thermal power plants in the country.

“As of today, we have produced 753,511.37 tons of coal, of which 51,000 tons were exported. It is at the level of previous years, maybe a little more, but from the aspect of quality coal, it is at the same level,” Salihovic said.

He clarified that all the coal from Banovici is exported to Serbia, that there are two signed contracts with Serbia’s power company, and that they total around 250 thousand tons.

“These are contracts that are flexible, and we are talking about coal that does not meet the needs of the BiH market, our thermal power plants work with other types of coal, these are low-calorie oils that we are trying to export to the market for the first time. We have almost 130 thousand tons deposited, there are certain thermal power plants in Serbia that can use it,” Salihovic concluded.