Brnabic accuses media, journalists of teaming up with Zvicer against Vucic

NEWS 17.06.202413:48
N1/Marina Pupavac

Serbian Parliament speaker Ana Brnabic said “Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is the only serious, determined fighter against mafia and organized crime,” and that “there is a threat to his life” as long as “Kavac clan” leader Radoje Zvicer is at large.

“Vucic is not only a barrier against organized crime and mafia taking over this country and the region, but he is also the guarantor of Serbia’s security and stability,” Brnabic told the pro-regime Happy TV, commenting on the transcript of a conversation between Zvicer and his associate in the Montenegrin police, Ljubo Milovic, released by the Montenegrin media, which includes threats against Vucic.

She said Zvicer “poses the most serious threat to the life of President Aleksandar Vucic, that he said he would “attack Vucic through the media,” and that “we witness these media attacks all the time.”

“These are continuous media blows and attacks on Vucic and his family, a dehumanization that we have been talking about and trying to talk about all these years, and now, through this Sky correspondence, you have proof that this was indeed the plan,” said Brnabic.

She said this always goes “through those who are somehow connected to certain Western funds, who are protected as investigative journalists and media.”

The information, provided by mafia lawyers, is released through their investigative media and then spreads to the Serbian Parliament via opposition MPs, said the Serbian Parliament speaker.

The impression one gets is that the public is unaware of the danger posed to Vucic’s life, said Brnabic, adding that Vucic is “the only barrier against this mafia, and they are attacking him through the media.”

In addition, she accused the opposition of being violent and said violence is their only policy.