Brnabic lashes out at observers, claims their lies destabilize Serbia

FoNet/Vlada Srbije

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic accused international observers at last week’s election of lying about irregularities.

She told the pro-regime TV Pink that observers Stefan Schennah and Andreas Schieder lied and that their statements are destabilizing Serbia.

“They were observers who headed the European Parliament and Council of Europe (CoE) observer mission. What they did after that, their appearances in the media, runs counter to the code of ethics of international observers,” Brnabic said.

She said that both men were at polling stations of their own choice but that they had not objections. “Then they went on (United Group co-owner Dragan) Solak’s media and lied for days, mistreating, destabilizing Serbia by saying that they saw phantom voters and that they heard that 50,000 people were brought to belgrade to vote,” she added.

“But when (European Parliament rapporteur for Serbia Vladimir) Bilcik says something as a representative of the biggest group in the EP, that’s a catastrophe because he said what Schennach and Schieder signed that they saw no major irregularities,” Brnabic said.

Schieder responded in an X post saying Brnabic’s attack was ridiculous and disinformation.