Brnabic: Opposition MPs showed lack of respect

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Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic said on Thursday that opposition MPs showed a lack of respect by walking out a meeting she chaired. Pročitaj više

She told reporters that Serbia Against Violence (SPN) MPs showed an “unbelievable lack of respect for parliament as an institution” and everyone else present at the Parliament Collegium meeting which was called to discuss ODIHR recommendations on election conditions.

Brnabic gave the opposition “until noon tomorrow to submit proposals on how to proceed with further work on the ODIHR recommendations so we stop playing the cat-and-mouse game.”

“I will accept any proposal they have on how to proceed,” said Brnabic.

Opposition MPs said after they walked out that the meeting was called as a show for the EU, OSCE and US ambassadors present.

Brnabic claimed that the opposition refused to discuss what was on the agenda and insisted on their demand for local elections to be called on the same date across the country. The opposition made 3 demands – all local elections on the same date, a review of the electoral rolls and full access to the Serbian state TV. The ruling coalition agreed to two but refused to call elections on the same date. Brnabic called Belgrade City Assembly elections for June 2 with the other local elections to be held at different dates.

She said that the opposition MPs walked out of the meeting as soon as they said what they came to say and didn’t want to hear any proposals.

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