Brnabic to MPs: Serbia’s interests and independence are the red lines

NEWS 25.10.2022 15:01
Tanjug/ Jadranka Ilić

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told parliament on Tuesday that Serbia’s interests and its decision-making independence are the red lines which are clear to everyone.

She said during the presentation of her cabinet and its program that Serbia’s interests are its full independence in deciding on all questions of internal and foreign policy in line with its national interests and the principles of international law, preserving its vital interests and the security of Serbs in Kosovo. According to her, the new government will face much more demanding challenges than her cabinet did two years ago.

Brnabic said that energy will be her government’s top priority adding that some 12 billion Euro will be invested in that industry as part of the Serbia 2025 plan.

She said that expectations of a stability, peace and prosperity after the COVID pandemic were shattered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and added that Ukraine and attitudes towards Russia became dominant in foreign policy. “The two sole economic topics are energy and inflation. The world is slowly slipping into a third world war with increasing saber rattling with nuclear weapons and less and less chance of peace in the short term,” she said. Brnabic said that it seems that emotions have overpowered reason and predicted that energy and food will be the biggest problems in future.

“Serbia has to position itself in that world, maintain its stability and continue growth and development which is, in simplest terms, the main job of the future government.

According to Brnabic, President Aleksandar Vucic has been granted legitimacy by the electorate since 2012 as well as support to implement a policy of peace, stability, dialogue and progress, bringing the country from the brink of bankruptcy to a society of opportunity.

Brnabic said the government will continue aiding and supporting Serbs in the region primarily in preserving language and script which, she said, are of fundamental importance in preserving national identity, as well raising their living standards. The government will also continue maintaining special relations with the Republika Srpska in line with the Dayton Agreement and will insist on better relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The government will also invest effort to attract people back to Serbia, she said.

The new government will have 28 ministers, including 3 without portfolio, she said adding that her first deputy Prime Minister will be Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic with Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, Culture Minister Maja Gojkovic and Defense Minister Milos Vucevic serving as deputy Prime Ministers.