Brnabic: Working group changes to facilitate implementation of ODIHR recommendations

NEWS 14.06.202415:38
N1/Marina Pupavac

Serbian Parliament speaker Ana Brnabic said talks on the implementation of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) recommendations resumed at the Parliament collegium meeting held Friday, and that the working group tasked with implementing the recommendations will continue its work.

“The working group continues its work, led by Nemanja Nenadic. We will change the way we work to make it more efficient and so all the ODIHR recommendations could be implemented in the next six to eight months. We will enter peacefully into the 2027 campaign,” said Brnabic.

Asked to comment on the change in the working group’s format, the speaker said it is fundamental and should define all the laws that need to be amended, and later different subgroups will be formed for different laws and topics – media laws, campaign financing issues.

“We need to set up working groups for each of the laws. I expect that we will define next week or within ten or so day days which laws these are and create groups that will work on amendments to these specific laws and prepare them for the plenum,” said Brnabic.

Commenting on the Parliament collegium meeting held Friday, Brnabic said it was not attended by representatives of the MP caucuses of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), New Democratic Party of Serbia and Movement for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia, Serbia Center (SRCE), Branimir Nestorovic’s We – The Power of the People, while Democratic Party (DS) leader said he had more important things to do.

The Serbian Parliament collegium comprises the speaker, deputy speakers and heads of MP caucuses.

“That’s their frivolousness and disrespect for the citizens that has brought them into the Parliament,” said Brnabic.