Central election commission publishes results of Serbian parliamentary elections

NEWS 05.07.202213:20

Serbia’s central election commission on Tuesday published the final results of the April 3 parliamentary elections.

Republic Election Commission (RIK) Chairman Vladimir Dimitrijevic said that the election list rallied around President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won 120 seats in parliament, the opposition United for Serbia’s Victory will have 38, Ivica Dacic’s Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) 31, the opposition NADA coalition 15, opposition We Must (Moramo) coalition 13, opposition Dveri and Zavetnici 10 seats each.

Of the national minority parties, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungariana (SVM) will have 5 seats, the Mufti’s Heritage (Amanet) will have 3, Together for Vojvodina and SDA Sandzak will have 2 seats each and the Coalition of Albanians of the Valley will have on seat.

None of the other parties and coalitions running for parliament crossed the 3 percent threshold need to win seats. Dimitrijevic said that parliament has to convene for the first time within 30 days of the publication of the election results. “We will allocate seats to MPs based on the order they were in on their election tickets,” he said.

The deadline for the first session of parliament is August 4 followed by a 90 day deadline to elect a new government.

The election process took this long to complete because voters at a single polling station in the south of Serbia had to turn out five times because of complaints of irregularities by the SPS which lost a seat to the outcome of that vote.