Cetinje shooter killed 11 people, including two children

NEWS 13.08.2022 12:10
Tanjug/AP Photo/Risto Božović

The Clinical Center of Montenegro said that four victims of the shooting in Cetinje that took place on Friday are being treated at the institution and that three of them are in intensive care, with one in a life-threatening condition.

One of the wounded patients is currently stable and was transferred to the neurosurgery clinic, Vijesti reported.


Prosecutor Andrijana Nastic said after the investigation that 11 people were shot dead in Cetinje on Friday, including the killer, who was killed by a local. Two of the shooter’s victims were children, she said.

Another patient underwent surgery after suffering injuries to the brain and bones of the head and chest. The patient is in critical condition and is being treated at the Central Intensive Care Unit, the institution said.

The third patient has an injury to the abdominal organs, mainly the liver. He also underwent surgery and is undergoing further intensive therapy and monitoring at the intensive care unit.

„The fourth patient has neck and chest injuries, an open fracture of the right upper arm, he was also treated surgically and still requires treatment in the intensive care unit,“ the Clinical Center said.

The director of the Cetinje hospital, Ivan Ivanovic, told TVCG that two people, a man and a woman, were hospitalised there and that their condition is stable.


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